1 – I am in hair transition, can I use it?
For sure! This product is highly recommended to be used during the hair transition, both for common drying and for texturing with a mustache. Watch a video below to understand it better.


2 – Is the hair too bulky?
In fact, the purpose of the diffuser cap is to dry without frizz. This will bring a lot of definition, and at first little volume. However, as after drying, it is possible to open the curls, without losing the definition, you can go on opening and messing up to reach the volume you want, with the style you like.


3 – Fit for straight hair?
It can be used on straight hair, but it is very important that you understand that it will not achieve a smooth brush effect, as it is a product created with the objective of enhancing waves, and drying curls. Therefore, straight hair tends to have slight curls. Use with flexirod for wavy curly afro effect


4 – How big is the cap?
The cap is 70cm in diameter, and is one size. The cap has a ribbon for you to adjust to adjust the cap tension on the head, so that it is ideal for you.


5 – Can it be used in any dryer?
Fits all traditional model dryers. It has lock on the mouthpiece, ensuring greater comfort and safety.


6 – How long does it take for the product to reach me?
Our warehouse is located in Deland, Florida. If you are in the USA, after a shipping time that can vary between 1 to 5 business days, there is more time for sending the MAILS, which can vary for each city, depending on the distance you are from our warehouse. To learn more about this information, you need to go to the checkout page of your order here on our website.